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Sunday, July 04, 2010

First Saturday and the Great Frederick Float

The first Saturday night in downtown Frederick is like a mini festival with live bands and other activities going on. Last night's First Saturday was a July 4th theme and kicking off the evening's festivities was the Great Frederick Float.

People decorate canoes, kayaks and whatever they have that floats and paddle them down Carroll Creek. Some of the floats blasted us with silly string,  but most of the others just tossed candy.

There weren't as many floats as I thought there would be, but Ella completely enjoyed it.

The silly string blasters

Silly string victim. She may need counseling from the trauma of it

This lady looked to be at least 100, but maybe it was just the effect of the blindingly bright sun

Ella liked this one because they had mannequin heads with their hair done in pretty hairstyles

Uncle Sam and Abe Lincoln were there (though Ella told me that Abe Lincoln was just a guy dressed like him because the real Abe Lincoln is dead...she was so serious; adorable!)

Up and down Market St there were games kids could play like bowling and hula hooping

From the bridge over Carroll  Creek

They had crafts

Which required big decisions to be made

Ella wanted a picture on the stone wall by the flowers

I think everyone in Frederick has had their picture taken next to this guy. I wonder what the story is behind it? (Ella is tickling his armpits)

The Civil War Medicine Museum was open free of charge so we left Jake there for a while so we could look at girly stuff.

And then we met Mudge!  This big guy is an English Mastiff only his name is Napoleon...I think Churchill would have been more fitting, but what do I know?
Talk about big squishy cuteness and so good natured. Tons of people were taking his picture and petting him, and he just layed there.

He had a washcloth tucked into his collar so his owner could wipe his slobber

There were also street performers along the creek. I have to say the fire twirlers weren't near as good as the ones we saw in St Pete, but Jake wasn't in St Pete so he was impressed by the group we saw last night. Ella took a long video of them so maybe I'll get that up for you to see for yourself.

Then there was this guy.
Magic Mike
If you have an event coming up where you need to entertain kids, this is your man. He made THE BEST balloon creatures.
Not only that, he was very nice and patient (even with the obnoxious adults who accompanied the children who could have stood and watched him contentedly for hours)

Ella with her butterfly.

It was a good night

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