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Friday, July 30, 2010

3.8 miles, Boot Camp, and a Weekly Recap

The words hot and humid don't fully capture our weather lately.  It's been brutal this summer which has made it hard to train, and I thought it was supposed to be easier to train for fall races. 

Last night was my last night of freedom since VBS ends tonight with a program for the parents. I had 3.5 on the schedule, but Tuesday Jake measured this section of the tow path with his bike to be 3.8 miles so that's what we did.

Me at the turnaround. Hot, sweaty mess.

Jake's knee was bothering him so he walked quite a bit. I walked about 5 minutes with him and then decided I needed to just run.  So I did.  I did grab our water and walked back to meet him on the path after I finished.

I swear I  used to be taller

Much better except for the goofy laughing faces
This morning I did the last of my Boot Camp workout while the kids were playing cowboys and Bill was paying Jake's Fall tuition (choke, gasp).

This week's Boot  Camp was again fun and challenging

July 23-30 Boot Camp
100 jumping jacks
100 seal jacks
200 jump ropes - Karma suggested we try doing it backwards. I can barely do it frontwards so I didn't even try. Though I should if for no other reason than to work my abs by laughing at myself.
100 side-to-side lateral jumps
100 Hop Scotch
50 one-legged Romanian deadlifts - These are fun and I definitely need to work on my balance
50 push-ups
50 push-ups against a wall/table/counter top with first the right leg raised, then the left leg (so that's 50 on each leg)
200 crunches
100 heel touch crunches
Tree Pose with a Reach - 2 minutes - Another Abs-worker! Hank even joined in the fun by laughing at with me.

Monday I ran 3.9 miles
Tuesday we biked 10 miles
Wednesday I ran 2
and Thursday was 3.8 for a weekly running total of 9.7.

I have 5 on the schedule for tomorrow (Saturday) so that will make it a  14.8 mile week. Being the dork I am, I may hop on the treadmill for .3 more to make it an even 15!

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