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Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet 16 Ball

Jake and I had the great honor of attending a Sweet 16 Ball for two of our friends on Saturday. It was a coat and tie affair featuring Civil War era dances so Jake had to dust off his dress clothes and his best manners for this one.

The hostesses had a pair of professional dancers coach the group and lead the dances.

The beauty of a ball is that couples aren't paired off for the evening instead you end up dancing with almost everyone.

I used to be taller in my dreams

Afterwards we all headed to Brewsters for ice cream. We got some funny looks since it's long past prom season. Folks couldn't figure out  what to make of us.

Just sitting around the parking lot in formal gowns eating ice cream. Don't you do that every Saturday night?

We had a great evening. Happy Birthday, Anne and Julie!


Heidi said...

That looks like so much fun. Your son is very handsome!

Tricia said...

great pics!


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