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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mini golf insanity

The boys really wanted to play miniature golf so we dried off and picked up our clubs and balls.  We started off with me carrying 4 wet towels, 2 water bottles, my purse, camera bag and score card.

The kids took off for the first hole before I had the pencil in my hand to write their names on the score card. I quickly dumped the towels on a bench and took off after the kids.

I got there just in time to see one of them tee off. Seriously, he whacked the ball like he was at the driving range.

Ball found. Quick lesson on putting, Begin again.

They all did pretty well considering the holes weren't laid out very well and we were raided by a band of feral children. What? You don't know what feral children are? They're just like feral cats only worse because their irresponsible parents are usually sitting nearby ignoring the fact that their kids are running wild.

It started with one cute little boy looking sad and watching us play. I foolishly asked him if he would like to use Shane's club and ball for a turn. Suddenly 10 more kids show up and they are running all over the greens, asking to use our clubs, and falling into the slimey, disgusting 'water hazards'. Yes, really. It was that bad.

But my little duffers were polite and didn't whack anyone over the head in annoyance. I was particularly proud of Shane because they kept hovering over him like vultures. I told them nicely several times to please let us play. Finally, I *firmly* told them they needed to back up and let us finish, and they backed off enough for us to play.
Even with all that chaos the kids had a good time and asked when we could do it again. There's a better mini golf course here in Frederick so we need to put it on our list for this summer.

It must have been a hair raising experience for Shane. This is what he looked like when he fell into bed soon after we got home.

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