You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, March 05, 2010

Fit Mama Week 8

I feel like I should have something amazing to report. A huge milestone accomplished. A great personal revelation. Something. But, I don't. It was just another week of chugging along.

My schedule has been really full. I had a school meeting, a birthday, 2 field trips (1 planned, the other was spur of the moment), and a doctor's appointment in addition to the regular things of life. I've also been on the tailend of a head cold which makes it hard to run.

So I ran only twice this week. Monday and Thursday for a total of 9 miles. Not great. And I haven't had time to lift weights or do other strength training.

I'm scheduled to run 7 miles tomorrow, and I'd like to get outside on the road for it. We have some scheduling conflicts so I may have to pound them out on the treadmill. Hope not, but we'll see.

Nutrition has been ok. I haven't had nearly as much water as I should. I ate 3 birthday cupcakes in 2 days. In a nutshell, just a blah week. Kind of matches the weather.

Goodness, I feel like Eyeore. Spring will be so much sweeter when it arrives. Can't wait!

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Annie Kate said...

Nine miles so far this week! And seven tomorrow! I know this might not meet your goals, but, believe me, you're still accomplishing awesome things!

Enjoy your run tomorrow, you lucky lady. :)


Annie Kate


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