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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I love the Olympics. I have spent many a night over the years glued to the TV to watch the live coverage. Before Bill and I got married, Jake and I lived with 3 ladies who were also Olympics fanatics (or maybe they just humored me because I'm such a goofball?). Anyway, we crowded around the TV into the wee hours of the night munching snacks and cheering for the US. Those are some of my fondest memories of living with my friends.

This year Homeschoolshare has a FREE lapbook unit study on the Olympics. Happiness! So yes, the Machen fam will be doing large portions of it (it's pretty massive so I was able to pick and choose based on our interests).

Below are some of the books we'll be using. Since I haven't been able to look through them yet, I don't know if we'll use all of them. Hopefully some of the snow will melt (ha!) so the library can open and I can pick up my books.

Wow, Canada! : exploring this land from coast to coast to coast

Seven natural wonders of the United States and Canada



I can't wait til Friday!!

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