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Friday, November 20, 2009

TOS Review Exploramania Gymathtics

Exploramania was founded by Carrie Scheiner because kids need opportunities for educational and physical activities both during and after school that are fun and benefit their bodies and brains.

This 30 minute DVD includes Shape Stretches Warm Up, Counting Calisthenics, Pattern Power and Well-Being Wind Down.

The math facts are geared towards students 2nd-5th grade, but kids of any age can benefit from and enjoy the workout.

I love the concept, and there's evidence that kids better remember information they learn if they are accessing multiple parts of their brains while learning. I already try to incorporate as much kinesthetic learning into our day as possible, particularly with Hank. I also have the kids do jumping jacks and 8-count body builders between 'classes.' So I was really excited to see this in my mailbox.

The reality is that my 2nd grader Hank pretty much refused to do it. Ella tried really hard to follow along, but she kept getting confused trying to keep up with the moves and the math facts.

I also tried it on our Friday afternoon K/1 class, and they too struggled to keep up with the moves while counting, etc.

So while I was excited about this product and what it has to offer, it doesn't work for my family right now. I think Ella will enjoy the full benefit of it in a couple of years, but we aren't there yet.

You can buy the Exploracise Gymathtics DVD for $24.99 and free shipping and handling right now (11/20/09) . They offer other products such as an Exploracise Math Mat, Thumbballs, and Exploracise Gymathtics 2.0 geared towards 4th-7th graders.

You can read reviews by other TOS Crew members here.

~ I received this product for free so that I may give my opinion of it. No other compensation was received.

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