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Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Potomac Street Mile

The Brunswick Main Street organization sponsors a 1 mile race each year to raise funds for their downtown revitalization efforts. Ella, Shane and I signed up to walk the mile, and Hank was signed up to run in the kids' race.

Obligatory pose for mom (what's the deal with that little blonde one??) :)
Stretching and warming up

When it came time to walk, Shane opted to stay with daddy and Hank at the finish line. So Ella and I walked on our own. Good thing Shane didn't come along; Ella completely pooped out, and I had to CARRY her half the way. ugh! We were second to last so it wasn't like we were sprinting along or anything. The race didn't start until after 10 so it was beginning to warm up...the Princess melts in the heat.

The Finish Line at last.

Waiting for the race to begin. He was very nerbus.

He made a friend along the way, #71. Turns out he and his friend play in the same homeschool soccer league. Small world!

Strong finish

I forgot to start my watch and couldn't clearly hear the man calling the time, but Hank ran it in 9:30-something. Not bad for a 7 year old!

Supah Stah!

I signed Jake and I up to run the 5k at the Frederick Fair this weekend, but it turns out that Jake has a Bible Quizzers match at the same time.

The very nice folks coordinating the race let me transfer Jake's registration to Hank so he can run the 1 mile race. He's very excited because the kids get to run past the fair carnival, and they get a ribbon when they finish. It should be a fun time.

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