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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Soccer has begun

First off, a great big thank you to Uncle Todd who outfitted Jake with new cleats and cool soccer clothes, Hank with new shin guards and cool soccer clothes, and Ella with new shin guards, pink laces and wrist bands. (Shane is enjoying a new football which is more his style-soccer isn't violent enough for him) :)

I'm a few weeks behind, but soccer started a couple of weeks ago, and the kids are really enjoying it. We play in a rec league so it's just one night a week. It's more of a PE credit than 'real' soccer, but it suits our current schedule and needs. Jake's team plays just far enough away from the little kid fields that it's hard for me to get over there to take pictures and keep Shane where he needs to be.

Here's Hank waiting to get started

He's a scrappy little player, and he's fast. We're considering signing him up for a league team.

Red Light, Green Light. Ella's favorite soccer drill. Her coach this season doesn't like parents to interfere (get too close taking lots of distracting pictures, ahem) so I don't have many photos of her either.

I signed Shane up, but once again he has refused to play. He likes to spend his time at the water cooler. A career as a office worker, perhaps?

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