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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Official First Day Photos

My The Old Schoolhouse Planner has something I thought was really cool...a page to note the first and last days of school.

You attach a picture of your child to the page at the beginning of the schoolyear and record their height, weight, likes/dislikes and goals for the year. There's also a blank for their signature.

Then you turn around and fill in the same info at the end of the year on the bottom half of the page. Very cool way to see how your little scholar has grown over the course of the schoolyear.

So here we go...
Jake is 5 ft, 11.5 in and weighs 174 pounds (he's a guy so it's ok to divulge his weight to the world). He likes history and literature and dislikes math (I'm so shocked!). :)
Hank is 3 ft, 9.75 in and weighs 48 pounds. He likes football.
Ella is 3 ft, 3.5 in and weighs 36 pounds. She likes to play with her friends and go to co-op to see her friends. My social butterfly; we joke that we could drop her off at the moon and she would find someone to play with.
Shane is 3ft, 1 in tall and weighs 34 pounds. He likes Daddy (another shocker). :)

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