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Monday, June 15, 2009

Our road trip to New Jersey

I'm still catching up...
Last month I learned that my grandparents were going to be in New Jersey to visit my Grandmother's brother. If you know my grandparents, then you know this is earth shattering, stop the presses kind of news. My nana has been all but bedridden for much of the past 6 years after a nasty fall that left her with a broken femur and countless complications.

My grandpa is an enterprising man, and found a way for them to fly from Texas to Philly with the medical support nana would need.

Here we are at the Smyrna, DE rest stop. I thought I'd better get more up to date maps just in case Map Quest led me astray, or I goofed up and got off at the wrong exit or something...

Here's the gang

Nana's little sister, Aunt Frieda (whose real name is Philomena) and Uncle Larry.
Big sis told them they 'had to come' so they drove from WI. I'm going to try that with Todd and see if it works. :)

Nana's little brother, Uncle Stephen (whose name is really Stephen) and Marie
They were so gracious and kind as I and 4 kids invaded their peaceful home. Actually the kids were really good. Uncle Stephen was a Major (or a Colonel??) in the Army and he did a great job of keeping them in line. I thought about taking him home with me.

Looks like the front stoop of a barber shop. A bunch of old men sitting around talking about the weather...and the old women were inside talking about old men

Learning a thing or two from Uncle Stephen
Jake is now taller than Grandpa. Actually Jake is taller than a lot of people, but to me Grandpa was always a giant

Thank you again Stephen, Marie, Larry and Frieda for putting up with us so we could visit with Nana and Grandpa. We had a wonderful time with you all!

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