You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Did the sky seem a little bluer on Thursday?
The trees a little more flowery?

My kids a little cuter?

Hank a little stronger?

I'm glad you noticed all that too. I am one happy wife. The hubs came in one morning and whispered that he had just ordered me a camera. I was thinking it was one of the Point and Shoots I had told him I'd like since my old camera croaked.
Well he's been working crazy, crazy hours, doing side jobs with his brother and other jobs with a friend. And Bill's mom and sister gave me some cash to "get whatever I want" for my birthday.
So these events all combined at once, joined together in a whirling mash of excitement and THIS is what he got me!!!It was scheduled to arrive on Thursday so I camped out at home, waiting, stalking the driveway, for the big brown truck. He didn't seem to realize exactly what his cargo was and how dehydrated I was becoming from drooling in anticipation, and he didn't come until after 4pm. I had to stay inside and let Bill get the box. I was afraid my happiness would spill out of me, and I'd lose control of my senses and kiss the driver or something equally embarrassing.
This is a huge step up and a steep learning curve for my technically challenged little brain. But I am SO ready to give it a go. This camera is so cool! And I am very happy to once again follow my monkeys around the house saying "Cheese!" everytime they do something cute. :)
Did I mention I love my hubs? Thanks sweetie. I'm very happy with my new camera and appreciate all the hard work you did so I could have it. :)
eta: sorry about the huge paragraphs. no matter how many times i hit enter between them, there are no spaces between them.

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