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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

White House Visitor's Center

'Tis the season for spontaneous day trips.

I've wanted to take the kids to the White House Visitor's Center for some time. I checked the weather yesterday, and decided today would be a perfect day for a day trip downtown.

Our original plan was to arrive close to 11:30 and do the ranger-led program. We arrived around 10 and I should have taken the kids to see the National Christmas tree or something instead of trying to wait for so long. Shane reached his limit around 11 and we finally bailed at 11:15. No worries, there is plenty to do down there that would keep him happy. Follow us on our very full, but very fun day! (I'll try to get all teh pix posted tonight but I"m pretty fried so we'll see)

In front of a white chocolate replica of the white house with little chocolate soldiers. Check the roof and you'll see Barney and Miss Beasley riding in the sleigh.

A silver sculpture of Hiawatha. We'll be reading Longfellow's poem "Hiawatha" in a few weeks so I thought this was pretty cool.

Hank took a picture of his favorite president.

My monkeys outside the White House

The visitor's center was more appropriate for older kids, but my cute kids schmoozed the volunteer and got a signed Christmas picture of Miss Beasley, Miss Beasley wallet photos, and a pets in the White House book. But she balked on the Jr. Ranger booklets. She didn't want to give one to Hank because he's not an independent reader. Um, what?? She did finally give him one and he and Jake started working on it. The volunteer, however, would not budge on Ella. My little peanut wanted her own book so bad and it was a no go. I guess it will make turning 6 all the more exciting.
We left there, checked out the White House and then headed to the National Tree.

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