You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Voting pictures and a Shane story

Here are the kids on the way in. I wanted to take pictures of them inside but the guy almost had a heart attack when he heard me tell the kids to line up and smile. I guess that's a No Please.

Something happened to Shane while we were in there and he lost his mind. We may have people calling to have us pay for the hearing aides they now need. The boy has some lungs.

Hank really wanted to take a picture of me and Ella. He's a pretty good photographer for a 6 year old goof ball. :)

And a Shane story....
My days are never quiet or dull. Never.
His new amazing trick is to open the oven while it's on. He likes to check his 'hots' (fries). It's kinda dangerous to open a 400 degree oven so now we have to remember to stay in the kitchen the whole time we're cooking anything.
Case in point - Just tonight, I had the other two in the back of the house brushing their teeth. Bill walked back to tell me something and came back to the kitchen. Our little blonde bundle of joy had used his chair to climb onto the counter. Then he climbed onto the stove. He was kneeling on it and leaning over a hot pot of rice while fiddling with the stove controls. Bill was in the back *maybe* a minute.
This kid scares me. Pray for us; pray for him! Just imagine what he could accomplish if he used his fearlessness and sooper-smarts for good things! :)

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