You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, November 17, 2008

Shane's new shirt

Shane spent the day with Aunt Honey a couple of weeks ago. She has come out of the closet as a Skins fan and was sportin' her jersey that day (she used to cheer for the Cowboys, but I think she converted to maintain marital harmony).

Shane kept talking about her 'football shirt' so they headed off to the store to see if they could find one in his size.

Aunt Honey told us he was so excited to find a football shirt that he carried it all through the store. He wore all that day, the next, and part of the next until I coaxed it off of him to wash it.

He gets down in a 3 point stance and says what sounds like 'set, set; Go!" and then he takes off running. He's big, strong and fearless, but with his propensity to break things (arms, legs, etc) I don't know how long his NFL career will last.

Doncha just want to smooch those big squishy cheeks! He's oh so rotten, but he's that much cuter.

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