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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin contest

I won't even pretend I understand how to load pictures in any kind of order!

That said..below is Shane's nose. For some reason he felt like I needed to take a picture of his nose hairs. He's very silly...must take after daddy.
As usual...the pix are out of order. Our library is wonderful, and I love our librarians; they are so friendly and just love seeing my herd of kids come tearing through the door to find books to take home. Of course the kids love going to the library because I let them bring home as many books as they can carry.

Right now they have a pumpkin decorating contest running. You just have to decorate a pumpkin as your favorite book character and drop it off. The librarians vote on the best one(s) on Halloween. We aren't fans of halloween but we are fans of reading and doing crafts so that's what I emphasized with Ella.

She rocked her schoolwork today finishing sooper fast so she and I painted pumpkins while the boys slaved away moaning and groaning about all the work their mean teacher (me!) makes them do.

Can you guess the characters? The book?

The finished products

The girlie with her masterpieces

Working hard sewing

More hard work
The characters are bear, rabbit and hedgehog from The Mitten, one of my favorite books illustrated by one of my favorite authors! We found a plastic grasshopper to put on top of the mitten to complete our library display.
When we got there, the librarian took Ella's picture next to her entry. She was so proud of herself!
As for how much of it she actually did...almost all of it. She and I talked about some ideas and she picked which animals from the story to do. She did most of the painting and all of the glueing. I did the cutting only because we'd still be working on it if we waited for her to cut it all out! :)
She did an excellent job and worked very hard! Way to go Ella Kat!

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