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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Big Bump

This morning I was sitting on the floor in front of Hank talking to him while he was getting dressed and I noticed he had a fat lip. I looked closer and saw it wasn't a fat lip at all but a big bump on his gum above his front teeth.

It looks like a big pimple so I pressed it just a little and was soft and squishy - oh sorry, I didn't realize you were eating - anyway I took him in to Bill, who very thankfully was still home because he overslept because we stayed up too late watching the Olympics.

Anyhoo, Bill agreed to hang out and see if we could get a dentist appt for Hank this morning; he would take Hank and then head to work. I have taken all 4 kids to the dentist by myself. Let's just say it's not one ounce of fun and leave it at that!

A handful of x-rays later and Hank needs to have 3 teeth pulled. It's a chronic infection that has been sitting at the site of some dental work Hank had done when he was about 18 months old (Hank is 6 now so it's been there a looong time).

He just had some x-rays done early this year for his regular check up and they didn't show any sign of infection at all. The dentist said an infection like this can sit unnoticed for years (obviously) and very suddenly become acute (very suddenly become acute, kind of makes me chuckle).

So now my little man is on sooper dooper antibiotics to reduce the infection. He's scheduled to have his teeth removed on the 18th so if you think of it, pray for my little guy. The x-rays did show that his permanent teeth are in place and ready to come in for which we are very grateful!
So here's "the bump" ('s kinda gross)

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