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Saturday, July 12, 2008

King Peter

Dee Dee got Hank a King Peter costume and crossbow for his birthday. He loved it so much that he wanted to sleep in it.
He has Aslan, Lucy, Prince Caspian and the Stone Table on his cake. He took one look at Lucy, "that's a girl! Here you take it Elwa; I don't like girl cakes."

Aunt Honey found a left handed little kid baseball glove so he was really happy about that. We went to a Keys game and all we had were right handed glovess. He was so confused trying to catch and throw with the same hand while wearing a glove needless to say the new glove is perfect.

Aunt Cindy got him a cool big boy watch. He's learning to tell time so this will help him out. He can read numbers up to 100, but he gets a little confused sometimes when they're side by side - like 8:32...he knows 8 and he knows 32 but putting them together is tricky so we're still practicing!

Uncle Mark stopped in Savannah on his way back from Florida and got him a real life Yankee (which was surprising) Civil War hat and a spy glass that came with a map of different battles. Ever the dork, I was excited since we'll be covering the Civil War in school this coming year. Now we have a big, detailed map to follow the war and stuff to dress up in so we can re-enact scenes from books.

CarGrammy and Car Grampy sent money for outer space stuff. Hank has the 9 planets hanging from his ceiling. They're big and really cool because they have a lot of detail painted on them and they glow in the dark. And they came with a ton of stick on stars so Daddy patiently, painstakingly put up Orion and the Little Dipper. After his arms fell asleep from being over his head, he let the kids just put the rest of the stars wherever they wanted. We have some interesting designs in there now. He also got a great book about the planets. Big colorful pictures and lots of information.

All in all it was a great day

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