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Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The River

Bill took the kids to the Machen compound Saturday night until Monday afternoon. He needed to help Grandpop and Uncle Mark-get set-go do some tree cutting and brush burning.

I drove down Sunday after church to watch the kids while they swam so the big guys could keep working. I made a point of having all 3 littles try their suits on a few weeks ago to be sure they still fit... and they did....then.

The elastic in the waist of Hank's trunks was totally stretched out. I had to turn the waist band under just so they'd stay up. If we had been at a public beach we wouldn't have been able to stay. Each big wave caused his bottoms to fall and he mooned us. He thought it was hysterical. Ella kept calling him an Ogre for being so uncivilized.

Ella must have grown because her suit was just too short so she had a chronic wedgie.

Shane's suit still fit but the water was too cold for him. He calls all liquid "juice." As soon as he got down to the water a wave took his feet out from under him and he landed on his bottom. He jumped right up shouting "juice! hot!" and trying to wipe his bottom and legs dry with his hands. I took him back to the house and changed him so he could get back to helping daddy.

As a result of my kids obscene bathing suits, you only get a picture of them in their towels! I did stop by Old Navy and picked up new suits for them so they're set for our next water adventure.

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