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Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Riding Big Kid Bikes

Ok, I'm a little 2 year can ride a big kid bike. He's 2 for pete's sake! I don't think Todd or I were able to ride a 2 wheeler at 2.

Is he extraordinary...or maybe my other kids and I are a bit slow??

We had to take an unscheduled trip to Dee's farm so daddy could fumigate our house and get rid of some ants in the kitchen. We got hand-me-down bikes for Ella and Hank from Mr R whose kids had outgrown them and they've been gathering dust in our basement for about a year. The weather was supposed to be nice and the kids are the right size for the bikes so I thought it would be a great weekend to break them out and give it a whirl. Even better is that Dee's driveway is looong and pretty flat and straight, perfect for learning to ride.

I really thought Hank would be off and running. I guess he's old enough to be cautious so he wasn't as thrilled about it.

Ella...oh my...she saw a pink bike and she was off to the races. She even learned how to skid...not on purpose, but she didn't crash so she thought it was cool.

Shane, my little dare devil...his bike has coaster brakes unlike his trike so he kept trying to pedal backwards. Didn't work so well. Once he figured out the forward pedaling, there was no stopping him. He and Ella rode for quite a while until we dragged them inside to eat.
After camera battery issues I only got a couple of pictures so here you go...

Aunt Cindy and Aunt Honey helping Dee with her garden...note Aunt Honey did get her hands dirty. :p

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