You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, January 25, 2008

We haven't even made it to lunch-time yet

The fun continues. I was in the back curling my hair when Shane came into my bathroom without his diaper saying "Pee" which means he just peed on the floor. Lovely.

Closer inspection reveals he pooped also. It was on his legs, feet and hands.

I stood him on the changing table to clean him and he started fingerpainting on the mirror
Then he started picking his nose.
After his full body baby wipe bath, we set off to find our prize.

I won't post any pictures.

Apparently after peeing on my storage bin that I use for co-op, he needed to have his morning sit-down.

Bill, Jake needs a new mouse for his computer. The laptop is put away so Jake's mouse was just lying on the desk. So Shane took the mouse with him while he did his business.

Then he stepped in his business.
Then he tried to wipe it off his feet.
Then he decided to play with the mouse.

I guess at that point he realized he'd need some help cleaning up so he found me.

I just started laughing as I was cleaning the floor. Ella looked very serious, "Mommy why are you laughing? That's *not* funny. It's gross." Yes, love, it is, but sometimes you just have to laugh.

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