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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shane has graduated!

Thursday was a very happy day for Team Machen. Shane saw his gastro dr and she was overwhelmed by how good he looks! And that his labs are all trending back to normal! And he's gaining weight so *he* is trending back to his normal curve!

Sooooo He has graduated from the gastro clinic and we don't need to go back unless he starts having trouble again. (insert Snoopy happy dancing)

The turning point was eliminating corn. We had a few episodes of him eating whole corn and both ends of him volcanically erupted. Pretty gross. After that we didn't let him have actual corn but let him still eat food with corn syrup, corn starch and corn meal (we didn't know that all of these are considered "major corn"). He got a little better but not great.

Then we had a mental lapse and let him eat popcorn. Oh wow. Those diapers may have a scarred me for life. Awful awful mess.

So I started reading and realized we needed to also eliminate corn syrup, starch and meal at the very least. Such a major improvement that I wish we had done it sooner. We're so grateful that we had to get rid of just the major corn because the complete list of corn derivatives (also known as "minor corn")is quite long.

So we've narrowed it down to dairy, gluten, oats and corn... now perhaps he'll start sleeping through the night so I can too. :)

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