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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ella's Monkey Adventures

Ella got a little stuffed animal making kit for Christmas...the kind where you have the body of a stuffed animal and you add the stuffing. We're big fans of Boyd's Bears in Gettysburg and have made plenty of animals during our trips there so she was very excited to get this.

Fast forward to a commercial she saw where a little girl hid her stuffed monkey in her daddy's brief case as he was leaving for a trip. He emailed her pictures of her monkey's adventures.

Ella thought her daddy really needed to take a stuffed monkey with him to work so he could email pictures to her.

Now Bill *looks* like a tough guy...but if you know him, then you know he's really a marshmallow when it comes to his little SweetPea. He admits to getting some very strange looks from passersby as he took these pictures, but I can tell you the smile on her face when she saw the pictures he emailed was worth any embarrassment he might have felt.

I got these out of order. This is actually on the ride home. One tired monkey after a long day at work.

She saw this and asked, "Daddy, why did you put my monkey in the dirt? He doesn't like the dirt." Bill's reply - "He's not in the dirt. He's lying on a flower because he loves to smell pretty flowers and look at the sun." Very silly, but it made her happy. :)
Morning cup of joe to get the day started.

Hanging out with the fam
Monkey reports that he had a good day but he misses getting his nap. We'll see if goes back to work or not...the extra money would be nice....

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Becca said...

That's about the sweetest! I love that commercial. :-)


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