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Monday, January 07, 2008

The dog with 9 lives

Blu is Bill's dog...yes he's cute and even has a funny little personality - BUT - he barks a lot and loudly. He also sheds A LOT. Those two things negate his positive traits. Sorry Blu.

He also has a tendancy to run out whenever the front door is even slightly ajar, and he'll knock you right over if you're in the way. Another not so positive trait. And for an old, really fat dog..he can move so don't bother trying to catch him.

He has run along the highway near our house. He has crossed our road just miliseconds ahead of cars. He has nearly been kicked in the head by a horse on a nearby farm. He's gotten almost too close to a pack of hunting dogs down the way. Only he knows the full extent of his adventures, and he's not talking...

Yesterday morning he knocked Hank over as we were leaving for church and escaped. He usually returns home in about 5 hours. When we headed to bed last night with no Blu, we thought this was the end of an era.

Imagine Bill's delight when our vet called this morning. A woman called them and said she had found a dog with a rabies tag from their office. Somehow the connection was made and the vet called Bill.

Turns out he was hanging out at a neighbor's house about 1/4 mile down the road. He was barking his brains out at their neighbor's dog so Mrs. C went to get him. You know he was pooped because he followed her home and slept happily in their garage all night.

The kids and I loaded up the wagon and retrieved Bill's dog. All this before I even had one cup of coffee. I see a pedicure and mom's morning out in my future... :)
Our Morning PE Class...A Wagon Ride Down The Road

The Reunion. Lester was very glad to see him and sniffed him up and down.

One tired, old, chubby dog. You'd think he'd learn to pace himself a little better.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad Blu found his way home. At least this year he wasn't skunked :)

Tracy said...

Aagh! I forgot about the skunk episode! Yes, we are *very* grateful this adventure didn't involve a skunk. :)

the blogmiester said...

Blu is people too...

Tracy said...

Sorry meisterblogger bloggermeister...he ain't people ;p


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