You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am amazed, truly

Knight's boots/shoe covers
Poor Jake is wearing a muffin hat. Apparently poofy is good, very poofy is very good. I'm saving this photo for future blackmail opportunities. :)

I had just told Hank to make sure his eyes were open for the picture. I think he did great.

No dragons allowed, baybee!

I can not sew. Not even a little bit.

We're doing Tapestry of Grace this year for school and it is broken into 4 units. At the end of each unit there's a suggested celebration that ties in with what you just studied. We just finished medieval history so our co-op is having a medieval feast tomorrow night.

Costumes are required. Did I mention I can't sew.

Stitch Witchery saved my bacon. I got out my trusty iron and about 400 yards of stitch witchery. My mother in law gave me tons of material and I went to work. It took me a few weeks of working on them in my spare time (ha ha), but I did it. By the time I got to Jake's costume, I was a little worn out. Big clothes are harder to make than little ones so he ended up with just a tunic and a hat.

We also painted and be-jeweled bowls and goblets. I'll get pictures of those tomorrow night. They were fun to make. I don't think I'll raise my hand for any more sewing in the near future. It was a frustrating and very steep learning curve. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I am really pleased with how the costumes turned out, and I'm really glad they're done.

I'll post pictures of the feast ina couple of days.

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