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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Vikings Have Landed

I accidentally deleted this picture from the blog and now I can't get it back on in the right order so here it is. This is my little cheeseball after muscling his sister and brother off the table so he could stand and say cheese. Such a cutie. He wants to do what they are doing and tries so hard. He really is adorable and a little rotten, too. :)

Last week we read about vikings. Very interesting stuff. Then Hank got sick and we had to miss co-op. He was so disappointed because we were going to make Viking long ships. Mrs. B very kindly set aside 2 kits so Ella and Hank could make their long ships at home.

We went to pick up Jake from c0-op and got the kits. Hank was so excited he wanted to build his right there in the parking lot.

The long ships (note the moose in the background trying to find his place on the stage)

So cute

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