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Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, September 08, 2007

One Day My Handsome Guy Will Come

Doesn't flow as well as "prince," but Ella doesn't care.

We stopped by our local educational store yesterday and Hank and Ella each picked out 2 medieval action figures. Hank chose a "good guy knight" and a "bad guy knight" so they could fight each other.

Ella chose a Cinderella-looking princess and a prince. Only she calls him Handsome Guy. "Mom! I can't find Handsome Guy! Hank took him!"

Then she proceeded to describe him to me so I could help her find him. "He's this tall," holding her hands a few inches apart. "He has wittle hands like this," holding her fingers very close together. "And (of course) he's handsome."

We found him in the puppet theatre under some toys. The reunion was beautiful and there was much merriment and dancing. :)

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