You must do the things you think you cannot do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 1

School was supposed to start last week but with Shane's arm and the resulting dr appts, etc we kind of played school last week. Today was the real deal.

Ella loved school last week. Today she sort of checked out after the first worksheet. She's currently a Kindergarten drop out refusing to do anymore work. I'm sure that will last only until craft time and then we'll be in good shape again.

Jake accomplished zilch last week and we're on a pretty tight schedule so he has to double up this week. Poor Jakie

I had the kids walk out the utility door and take some stuff to mailbox, tour the yard a bit and then come in the front door for school. They called me teacher instead of mom until snack time. Then I was mom again which I thought was funny.

Shane was lying on the floor goofing off while we were working. Hank explained that they found him on the front porch and brought him to school as a present for their teacher. Did I like my present they wanted to know. Too cute! I wonder if they kept the receipt so I could exchange for a quieter, less daring model.... nah...this one is more exciting. :)
We have a full schoolyear ahead of us. Hopefully it will be fun *and* we learn a lot in the process.

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