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Friday, August 31, 2007

Deja Vue

It's seems just yesterday that Shane got his cast off. Ok, maybe not yesterday, but it was just a few months ago...

Well today we were at the coolest park with our playgroup friends. Kids were running; grownups were chatting; life was great.

Shane, stunt baby extraordinaire, decided to jump from the bottom of the slide to Jake. Great idea except that Jake wasn't looking. Shane did a face/arm plant on the ground.

My little guy cried so hard it was hard to tell if he was hurt or scared. After he settled down and still wasn't moving his arm, I decided to head to the doctor. On the way to the doctor he started to move his arm a little so I was hopeful he'd spring to life and be ok. But each time he moved his hand/arm he'd start crying again.

By the time got to the ER, he had stopped crying and was still trying to use his hand. I should note here that when he broke his wrist in the spring, he hardly cried and could move his hand and fingers. He also did *not* cry when they pressed on his wrist to check for malformations.

We checked in and the nurse told me she didn't think it was broken. Yeah, yeah whatever. The triage nurse takes his vitals and tells us we'll be out in no time. I'll believe that when I see it!

We sat in the waiting room for an hour with me telling Hank and Ella to keep their hands on their tummies so they wouldn't touch anything and pick up any weird germs! My poor little pips! But they did a great job.

They called us back and the PA mashes his arm and wrist, turns it this way and that. No tears from Stunt Baby. I told her he didn't cry the last time he broke it so she decided to go ahead and x-ray him. The nurses were all so surprised when they found he had broken his wrist afterall!

Now he's in a soft cast until Tuesday when we see the ortho doctor for a regular cast.

I have to say that Ella and Hank did a great job. I had to whisk them off the playground while they were in the middle of a game with their friends. And then they had sit - and not touch anything!- for 2 hours. Yes, they were a little crazed at the end, but they were such little troopers. Everyone commented on how good they were doing.

Oh, another exciting thing while we were at the hospital....I was standing so I could see out the front window as well as the main hallway for gurneys, etc. They wheeled a gurney out to the curb by a car but not extremely close to it, and they were all kind of standing around while a nurse was talking to someone in the car. No biggie. Then they wheeled an isolette out to the car. A woman had a baby IN HER CAR in front of the ER!!! Good night Irene! Then the poor woman had to climb out of her car and onto the gurney...not that she cared, I'm sure she was just glad it was over!


Val said...

So sorry to hear about your poor baby's rough go. Hope he'll be feeling better soon! Nice Handyman's Secret Weapon Cast. Duct Tape is all the rage in Milan this season, I hear. ;o)

Tracy said...

Other than his bright red appendage, you'd never know he was impaired. This kid is something I tell you!

Milan...hmm...perhaps his duct tape modeling career will pay for his ER bills. :)


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