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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Small catchup

It has been a very busy summer and we haven't really done all that much. We've been to the eastern shore a few times to visit Bill's mom and we spent a weekend in southern MD visiting his dad at the Machen family homestead on the Patuxent River.

We're downsizing to one computer since Jake's died. Bill is still transferring different things from it to mine so no photos still. The kids all look adorable (of course!) and Shane got a big boy haircut yesterday. He's stinkin' cute if you ask me.

Hank said when he turned five he would sleep in his own bed and by golly it happened. Not that I'm doing cartwheels just yet. Shane is still having reflux/allergy problems so I'm up much of the night with him, but progress is progress and I'll take it! Shane is finally getting some chub on him despite the fact that he can't eat anything but cardboard. I'm pouring Hemp milk down him every day and he can eat eggs so that helps.

Ella had her followup with Childrens and they're thrilled to death with her progress. She'll have a minor surgery next summer and that'll be it until she's around 7. Then the fun with orthodontics begins. She got a big girl haircut at a friend's salon on the eastern shore. Her two daughters are also from China so she's well versed in cutting fine, wispy Asian hair and Ella looks gorgeous.

Jake isn't doing much so far. Some friends just bought a farm in southwestern PA so we've told them they can use him for any heavy labor needs. Sounded like they'll take us up on it so I'm waiting for the phone call. He still has to finish Algebra...or we may forget it and just try again in Sept when we start school again. Haven't decided yet just how hard *I* want to work this summer! :)

Hopefully we'll get some photos up soon with more exciting Machen Family Summer News.

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