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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Please pray for Micah Davis and his family

The Davis family attends our old church in Gaithersburg. Their little guy, Micah, was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was about 18 mos old.

He turned 3 in May and is now in his last days.

His parents are incredible examples of looking to Christ for their comfort amidst whelming sorrow.

Our baby hasn't been drinking really since Fri, we have tried syringing chocolate milk into his month which works some but most of it spills out of his mouth, his eye rarely opens and he has stopped chatting for about a week now. His breathing stops now & then and our nurse seems to think that one time it will just stop altogether.
She believes it could be a few hours or a few days. The Lord knows. He still squeezes our fingers every now and then when we hold his hands. He is resting rather peacefully and so are we. The pastors came to pray last night, a huge encouragement and wonderful reminders to our hearts. We are waiting, praying, trusting, crying, singing & being refreshed. God is gracious every dawn! He is certainly near.
Thanks for all your prayers, so appreciate them.
Here are a few photos of the last 3 days of some of my fav people =)!! As you can see, Cianne ate dirt, Braet loved his marshmallows, we were able to gently move Micah on the floor to cuddle and Mom & Maw are having a special moment together, after our Pastors came to pray Sunday we went outside and there in the sky up above the house was this little rainbow (even though it hadn't rained), Nick said it was a smile. Grandma said, "I think the Lord is telling us we are in this hands. Faith will sustain us."

Love you so!Luke & Kriscinda,Braet, Mikes, & CC

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