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Eleanor Roosevelt

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Snow Day!

Yes, I'm late posting this. We had snow last week! All of 2 inches but the kids were thrilled. Jake was on a Boy Scout ski trip so he missed our excitement.
I was born and raised in Texas. I don't like to be cold at all. Snow is not my friend, but I bundled everyone up and we headed out to follow deer, fox and rabbit tracks around our yard and along the creek. They really had a great time shoveling the gravel driveway and sliding down our big pile of mulch. Hank made snow angels while Ella threw snow BB's (not big enough to be a snowball) onto him. Shane, as always, was a good sport and was happy for me to drag him around in his sled.

Blu is our short, fat dog. He is well insulated for this weather (think whale). Lester is a wimp. She's also skinny so she gets cold easily. She danced around in the backyard for a little while trying not to get her feet wet but then ran up to the deck and waited for us to finish our adventure so we could let her in.
Ella and Hank were very disappointed that it was all gone by the next day. Bill may have to break down and take the 3 big ones skiing while mommy and Shane sip hot tea next to a toasty fire. hmmmm that sounds like a really good idea...

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